FAQ – Classic Tales


  1. What do you mean by “Freshly Made”?

    All products are freshly handcrafted in small batches and delivered within 20 days of manufacturing. This is to ensure that the product reaches on your table as fresh as possible without losing out on flavor, aroma or texture.

  2. How do you ensure best quality of ingredients for your products?

    We use USDA certified ingredients, which are the highest-quality ingredients recognized by certifying authorities. We procure our ingredients directly from the farmers practicing organic farming. Once procured, all the ingredients go through another level of attributes check like pH level, moisture level content, texture, aroma, flavor and more.  

  3. What is the average calorie intake in 1 scoop of nut butters?

    In every single scoop of 100 Gm, you approximately intake 500Kcal.

  4. Are your products vegan and organic?

    Our whole range of product is completely vegan and organic. We are certified for this by the respective authorities.

  5. Why does oil separate on top of your nut butters?

    Oil separation is a natural process in all nut butters. Once ground, the nuts release oil naturally. Our 100% organic nut butters do not contain any harmful stabilizers like palm oil, widely used in industry to prevent this separation.

    With no stabilizers, there's nothing to worry about in terms of quality and is absolutely fit for consumption. You just need to stir it well before every use to bring it to your desired consistency. Please do not drain off the natural oil on top or you will end up with a nut butter that is dry.

  6. I consume raw almonds regularly, why do I need to consume your nut butters?

    Raw nuts can contain harmful bacteria such as salmonella & E coli which can develop at various stages of storage and handling. Raw nut can also contain carcinogenic aflatoxins because of fungi (high moisture content). Our nuts are processed in completely hygienic conditions to avoid any such occurrences. One table spoon (1 ounce) of almond butter contains benefits of up to 20 almonds.

  7. How do I store my product?

    It is safe to store the product in a cupboard or a refrigerator as per your choice.

    If its stored in a cupboard, at higher temperatures, a natural oil separation might happen, which does not harm the product in any ways. Just carefully stir the butter before consumption. However, if you live in an area which has warmer temperatures for extended period, we would recommend you refrigerate it.

    In case you choose to refrigerate it, the butter might get harden a bit. For best use, please keep it out for 5-10 minutes and stir well before consumption.

  8. Did you use any flavors with sugar?

    No, we never use artificial flavors or any other chemical preservatives. We use organic Coconut sugar, Himalayan pink salt and honey as per specific product. 

  9. Are your Almond butters peanut-free?

    All our nut butters are made in a peanut free facility. In fact, we do not use peanut in any of the products.

  10. What is the shelf life of your products?

    All our products have a shelf life of 9 months.

  11. I have not received my order yet, how can I track my order?

    We’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience, please mail your concern at care@classictales.com or get in direct touch with our team at +91 7060334101.

  12. I would like to place your product at my local store. How can I make this happen?

    We ship freshly made products to our customers therefore we do not make them available at any retail outlets. You can order our products online at www.classictales.com or mail us at care@classictales.com  and we will get in touch with you shortly.

  13. I would like to use your products as an ingredient. Whom should I contact?

    To do so, simply drop us an email about all your requirements at care@classictales.com and we will get in touch with you.

  14. I have a corporate query. Whom I need to contact?

    We would be glad to assist you. Please drop us an email at care@classictales.com and we will get in touch with you ASAP.

  15. From where can I buy your products?

    We are available online at www.classictales.com or mail your order at care@classictales.com. For more information call us at 18001022002 or +91 7060334101.



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