The Soul of Classic Tales

For a concept, so close to our hearts, demanded to be brought to life in an artistic manner other than just being represented by its products. The question 'how' kept bothering us for days, till we came across a mesmerizing painting. The delicate strokes, colors & the artistry had their own story & journey to tell. The artwork was none other than the famous 'Rajasthani Miniature Paintings'. The art was enough to captivate us but there was one other reason why we fell for it so bad. While we were digging deep, we observed that this centuries-old art form beholds so much similarity to our own manufacturing process. The grounding of stone to make the painting colors, the cautious hairline brushes with magnifying glasses to give just the right amount of shade, made us believe we made the right choice. In the hope of finding an artist, who would understand & treat Classic Tales as well as we do, we set off to Udaipur. The picturesque valley of the city brought us to this realization that why this city is home to so many arts & artists. The steep narrow lanes of the city, which serves as home to hundreds of artists, kept us busy in their beauty and of course the search. Our hunt finally seemed to have come to an end as we approached this mirror adorned traditionally-built two-storey house with a small low-ceiling gallery, lined with admirers, sitting there for hours with magnifying glasses studying the microscopic details of the paintings. We knew our search ended, right away as we met our artist in the same gallery. To watch our first story unwind, watch the video:

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